Information is the biggest anual event organized for and by the Drupal lovers of Spain.

The DrupalCamp Spain 2011 is the second of its kind where during three days more than 500 people will meet. There will be attendents with all kinds of backgrounds: developers, designers, clients and companies, national as well as international, all interested in Drupal.

DrupalCamp Spain 2011 will take place during the days 1 and 2 of October of 2011 in the E.T.S.I. Informática of the University of Seville.

The price is not yet defined and will be announced soon. Early registrants will get a discount on the price. Ticket prices will be increasing as the event date gets closer.

DrupalCamp 2011 is a non-comercial event, organized by volunteers where the sponsorship is vital, with aspirations of being an event for all kind of people: Drupal lovers, professionals and companies using Drupal. For that reason, there will be up to 4 simultaneous auditoriums (one of them in English), BOF sessions (informal sessions), a job fair and company stands.


The sessions of the DrupalCamp will be held at four different classrooms. Three of them have a capacity for 50 to 60 people and the last one will be in the auditorium for around 200 to 250 people. The sessions in English will be in the main room.

Any user can register a session here. The final schedule for sessions will be elaborated using the votes of all the users of meaning that earlier registered sessions will probably have a higher chance of being voted ;-)


The BoFs (Birds of a Feather) are informal and improvised sessions, where some people meet to discuss ad-hoc about any topic of common interest.

Job fair

During the event there will be a job fair, where the companies can contact with any attending Drupal developers to propose projects or discuss any other topics.


Comercial stands will be available throughout the event as a place for the sponsors in order to enjoy an excelent oportunity to directly contact with potential clients.

Code Sprint

The code sprint represents a great oportunity to contribute to the community and help improve Drupal while you share your knowledge and meet other developers like you.

What you will need to bring

At the DrupalCamp Spain 2011 we will have a big area with tables and Internet connections for BOFs to allow you to get connected and work on the new stuff you just heard about, share your experience with other users, show your portfolio to possible clients or companies or blog about the DrupalCamp, so bringing your laptop will be really useful.

Aside from the shared love for everything Drupal, you will not need much else, because we will have a catering service at the campus for lunch during Saturday and Sunday and a snack bar/café during the mornings and afternoons.

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