Eating around Sevilla

Basic guide for eating in Seville:

  • The cheapest/nicest/most interesting and secure way to order food is to have tapas
  • You might have a hard time finding good food before 14:30h and 20:30 respectively. Sevillanos eat late.
  • The cleanliness of a bar is not necessarily related to the quality of its food.
  • As the Drupalcamp takes place at a university campus, there are lot of cheap bars for the students around to choose from.
  • Should you get invited by a group of locals to go out and eat with a meeting point at 9pm, prepare to have your food around 11pm.
  • You don't neccessarily need to leave a tip. Local people very seldom do.
  • Make sure to compare prices for the different sizes of the meal (tapa, media, ración). Bigger does not always come cheaper in comparison.
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