Hack the planet with Drupal / Hacking de la verdad de la planeta con Drupal

In this pseudo bi-lingual presentation I tell several stories, anecdotes and on how I applied a white hat hacker approach to Drupal evangelism and open source community building while working at the Netherlands largest IT/Telco KPN.

- Disclaimers *
- Privacy
- Hacking
- Open Source
- How I got into Drupal
- How I got the both of us into KPN
- LAMP, Tomcat, Varnish and other open source and open standards at the job
- How We** managed to get Druplicon animated on a huge matrix display
- How We** organize parties d7rp and v3rp, drupaljam, drupalcon

* All statements of people working at companies like mine work are used to license agreements, non disclosure agreements and such. I am here on personal title and do not represent my employer.
** By "We" I mean "the Drupal community".

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