Importing and synchronizing content using Feeds


Have you ever wondered how to import content into Drupal? Have you ever wanted to import thousands of users from an external file, aggregate news from an external RSS file or import taxonomy terms from XML?

Enter Feeds, a powerful aggregation framework built for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. Feeds gives you the tools to import or synchronize data from an external source with your Drupal installation in a straightforward and extendable manner.

In this session, I will guide you through the process of installing the module, configuring Feed Importers and finally, importing the content. I will use real-world examples to illustrate the power of this module, importing rich content that contains images, links, users or taxonomy terms for example. I will also show how to use sub-modules to import more complex content (e.g. from XML) or synchronize content real-time with external sources (e.g. with pubsubhubbub)

This session will be in English.

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It looks really good!

Mon, 19/09/2011 - 08:57

It looks really good!

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